Welcome. I hope that in connecting here, we will take a first step towards working together to tackle some of the most pressing questions and challenges facing the world today. 

I currently serve as a Research Fellow for Sustainability, Strategy and Innovation at Singapore Management University, where I research at the intersection of development, climate, technology, and strategy. Broadly speaking, I study patterns by which societies and organizations contend with and shape their environments in pursuit of social goals. I focus primarily on theory building, and draw support from  quantitative methods grounded in econometric analysis, surveys, and financial data.

I am passionate about climate change and organizational strategy. My dissertation founded an ongoing line of research in which I explore how oil and gas companies respond to politically-mediated risks with investments relevant to climate change. Recent projects in this line of inquiry appear in the Journal of Cleaner Production and stand under review at the Academy of Management Review and the Journal of Energy Economics, while my key findings are published in the 2018 Proceedings of the Academy of Management. Additional work hewing closer to the wider field of climate policy appear in the Journal of Energy Policy and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice. Another key element of my current work explores blockchain applications for mangrove reforestation (and carbon sequestration), habitat conservation, and sustainable supply chains. This work will be presented in January of 2019 at the World Economic Forum in Davos in collaboration with DBS Bank and the Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance. 

In addition to a PhD in Policy, Planning, and Development from the University of Southern California, I hold a Masters in Pacific and International Affairs from UC San Diego and a B.A. in Government and Latin American Studies from the University of Virginia.